All quotations for language services are based on the word count of the source document, i.e. the document to be translated/edited/proofread. Where the source word count is not possible the price will be based on the target word count. 

I can only provide a quotation after receiving and evaluating the complete document. In the event that you cannot furnish me with the document, I will forward you a cost estimate for the translation service / language service. The amount due will be calculated once the document is received. 

The rate per word varies depending on the volume and complexity of the source text and is determined by the following among other things: 

Content: I can’t resist interesting projects!
Format: The format of the source of document influences the rate. Word documents and OCR’ed PDF documents are the easiest. Poor quality scans and handwritten documents are the most difficult.
Workload: It depends on how many other projects I have going on at the time.
Delivery: How soon you need the document has an effect on the rate.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss the rate and time of delivery.