About Me

My name is Fahim Hoosen and I am from Durban, South Africa.

English is my native language.

I graduated with a qualification in Islamic Studies, Arabic and Shariah in 2000 and have been translating, researching and teaching since. I also have a BA Hons (Cum Laude) in Semitic Languages and Cultures from the University of Johannesburg.

I have worked as a lecturer in Arabic and Islamic studies (I still do part-time) since 2002. From 2007 to 2014 I worked as a Shariah Auditor and Head of the Shariah Department at Al Baraka Bank Limited, South Africa which is part of the Al Baraka Banking Group Bahrain.

My work and travel experiences have taken me through a number of Arab countries and has given me exposure to a number of different types of Arabic documents. ‚ÄčI have a passion for words and their origins and enjoy the challenge of communicating the same sense in another language. With the expertise I have gained over the years, I possess the unique ability of ensuring that the English text I provide for you is perfectly optimized for your intended audience.

I look forward to working with you.